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Bicycling Issues - Resources for Discussion

If you do not operate a high-speed internet connection, such as DSL or Broadband, it is suggested that you right-click on each of the links below, choose "save as," and save the PDF files to your local drive before attempting to open them.

Discussion Items for Narrow Lanes in Urban Places

  • Narrow Lanes and Safety

  • Eisenhower Boulevard (Urban Bicycle Boulevard)
  • Regarding narrow lanes in urban places. There is ever growing evidence that narrow lanes in urban environments are the safest roads...including and especially collectors and arterials. NarrowLanes.pdf is a PDF of images that will help you.

    I am convinced that as we conduct more and more research, we are going to find, as the Europeans have, a vast, solid and irrefutable base of support for building safer streets using any of a number of designs that bring speeds down.

    Discussion Items for Bikes on Sidewalks

  • The Future of Childhood

  • Alkai Beach - Seattle

  • Sidewalk and Bike Lane (photo courtesy of Cara Seiderman)

  • Indianapolis Cultural Trail

  • Boulder Bike Lanes (photos courtesy of Ken Sides)

  • Boulder Contra-Flow Lanes (photos courtesy of Jim Charlier)

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